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MTA Scheduled To Reduce Service Leading Up To "Unpredictable" Snow Storm

New York City is set to expect a huge winter storm between Monday morning and Tuesday night. Most New Yorkers travel by public transportation and this may be an issue due to the upcoming storm.

Transit officials warned Sunday that the “unpredictable” snowstorm may cause a reduction in Long Island Railroad and bus services. MTA Chief Operating Officer Mario Peloquin said agency workers are “doing everything they can” to gear up for the storm, which is expected to start Sunday afternoon and continue through Tuesday.

The MTA is prepared to limit some subway lines to keep New Yorkers safe during the storm. The agency said it also will extend the weekend schedule for the LIRR from midnight Sunday into Tuesday night. The only change at the moment to Metro-North, which is already on a reduced schedule because of COVID-19, is that its trains will stop running out of Grand Central Station at midnight Monday into Tuesday and then pick up again Tuesday morning.

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