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New Film "Redemption Day" told me I need to seek Therapy.

War movies may trigger many who have fought in combat or give those who won’t go to “war for it” some insight. Luckily, many of those who didn’t go to war can get the experience once they watch Hicham Hajji “Redemption Day” starring Gary Dourdan.

The film targets those who experience post-traumatic stress disorder from the battlefield and the lives of their loved ones who help them cope with their pain. Actor Gary Dourdan played Brad Paxton, former war veteran, and your average American dad. There is no secret that black men in America suffer from mental health, especially those who fought in a war. Paxton carried his mental health issues with him every single day and only faced his disease in his dreams. Dourdan's wife in the film, Kate Paxton, played by Serinda Swan, was kidnapped by Iraqi soldiers and held for a $10 million ransom, which left Paxton to save her before they put her head on a stick.

Now, I will not give too much of the film away but it is a must-watch. We got the chance to catch the movie early and learn all about Dourdan’s character, Brad Paxton.

Kay Dotttt: How were you able to play the role of someone who experience’s heavy trauma after going to war and witnessing hard core murder?

Gary Dourdan: I studied a lot. When I tapped into the role of Brad I knew that I had to portray a man of many demons, and pain.

Kay Dotttt: Being a black woman, I can openly say I also suffer from mental health. As a black man have you experienced that too? If so how did you begin to heal?

Gary Dourdan: Good question. I seeked therapy in the past, and I had to become honest with who I am at the end of the day. In many of our households it's taboo to talk about our feelings, and to be open with who we are. But, these conversations need to be had. I am happy to see that many of our brothers and sisters are seeking professional help especially in this climate that we are in. 2020 was a year of pain, and terror for those who have been trapped in their own thoughts, and what I would say to those people is don’t be afraid to speak about your issues, or your pain. We have to keep pushing the conversation forward to help those who feel that they can’t be heard.

Kay Dotttt: Do you have anyone close to you that went through PTSD after war?

Gary Dourdan: Growing up I had a friend whose father was a war vet. And he would tell me how his dad reacted to the slightest things. It was very interesting to me because if you looked at him he seemed to be holding it together, but unfortunately he was dealing with his own issues deep down. Very sad story.

Kay Dotttt: I am so sad we have to go. But I have to ask… Your character in CSI seemed a bit different from Brad Paxton. What similarities have you found between the two?

Gary Dourdan: None. (laughs) Warren Brown was a bit too loose for Brad’s liking. Brad is very serious, and is a bit more structured. Vs. Warren who is the “fun guy”

Redemption Day is now in select theaters, Vudu streaming service, and on demand on January 12th. Let us know how you like the film in the comments below.

Thank you Gary for taking the time to speak with us, hope to see you back on Urban News soon.

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