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Nick Cannon & Viacom Are Back In Business After His "Anti-Semitic" Comments

Actor and executive Nick Cannon was under fire and ultimately got fired amid his “anti-semitic” statement made during an episode of his podcast Cannons Class. On the episode with Professor Griff there were comments made about Black people being the true Hebrews, the power Black people hold, and the way that the Jewish community hordes wealth; comments that the mass media conglomerate ViacomCBS didn’t appreciate. Fast forward a few months and Viacom has now reestablished it’s working relationship with Cannon as a result of the steps he’s taken to engage and partner with Jewish leaders and amends he’s made about the comments.

Directly following the tie severance between the production company and Cannon, he held his ground and backed his comments; stating in a Facebook post “If I have furthered the hate hate speech, I wholeheartedly apologize...But now I am the one making demands” after demanding an apology from ViacomCBS and requesting ownership of the popular Wild n’ Out show. Viacom seemed to be the only company jumping at the chance to end their working relationship with Cannon following the remarks. The day after Viacom announced the split, Cannon released a second apology for his statements while Fox Entertainment stated that he would stay on as the host of their reality competition The Masked Singer. Just last week the company struck a deal to move forward with the planned day-time talk show set to be hosted by Cannon that was stalled.

Recording and production of the latest season of Cannon's longest running comedy series, Wild n’ Out is expected to resume sometime this year. During his hiatus from Viacom, the comedy was pulled from the air but since the reestablishing old episodes are expected to return to VH1s’ linear schedule this week. An MTV Entertainment Group spokesperson stated “Nick has not only apologized and taken responsibility for his comments, but he has also worked to educate himself and others through engagement with Jewish leaders and on his platforms...Those efforts are of the utmost importance and that’s why we have invited him to rejoin our team.”

Following the media fire he was under for the statements made last summer, Cannon has earned many brownie points in past months from Jewish leaders for partnering with their community organizations against anti-Semitism. Back in August, Cannon and Jonathan Greenblatt, the Anti-Defamation League CEO, co authored an op-ed featured in the Forward on the anniversary of the 2017 white-supremacist rally in VA; they focused on the need for Black and Jewish leaders to work side by side.

This reconciliation looked closer than we thought back in August when MTV Entertainment Group president, Chris Mcarthy, spoke at a company town hall and praised the work that Cannon has done engaging the Jewish Community leaders after the statements on his podcast - he stated he was hopeful that ViacomCBS would be able to do business with Cannon in the future. The future is here.