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Nicki Minaj and Her Husband failed to respond to the Sexual Harassment Lawsuit

Nicki Minaj and Her Husband have yet to respond to their sexual harassment lawsuit. The plaintiff has just requested the judge for a $15 million default payment.

Just last month, Nicki Minaj and her Husband, Kenneth Petty, were served with a sexual harassment lawsuit placed by Jennifer Hough. Hollywood Unlocked first reported the lawsuit in response to multiple claims of harassment by Petty and Minaj and her people over Hough’s accusation that Petty sexually assaulted them in High school.

Petty allegedly assaulted Hough when they were 16 back in 1994. Petty initially denied the charges before pleading guilty and being sentenced to four years. In September, Hough would appear on the view explaining her experiences with the couple and saying that “she[Nicki Minaj] offered to fly me and my family to L.A. I turned it down. I told her, woman-to-woman, this really happened and I haven’t spoken to her since.” Later she claims that Minaj had sent people to discuss payment for her silence. The couple has yet to respond to these allegations.

In August, Hough had initially filed the lawsuit, accusing Petty of intimidation and Ms. Minaj of “harassing” and “threatening” her to recant her sexual assault story. Papers were served on September 13th, giving them more than a reasonable amount of time to respond to the lawsuit. It is reported that Minaj and Petty have yet to respond to the suit.

Now, Hough’s Lawyer is asking for 15 million in a default judgment against the couple. According to court documents, “In a request to Douglas Palmer of U.S. District Court – Eastern District of New York, Hough’s attorney Tyrone A Blackburn asks to “please enter the default of defendants Onika Tanya Maraj, and Kenneth Petty, AKA Zoo, pursuant to Rule 55(a) of the Federal Rules of Civil Procedure for failure to plead or otherwise defend this action as fully appears from the court file herein and from the attached affirmation of Tyrone A. Blackburn, Esq.”

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