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Not So Fast: Burglars Make A Move On Dr.Dre’s $40M Mansion

When news broke about Dr. Dre being hospitalized in the ICU for a brain aneurysm, it seemingly inspired some”would-be” criminals to make a move on his multi-million dollar mansion in Brentwood.

Now this is an area where the money resides - Dr. Dre is apparently neighbors with Vice President-elect Kamala Harris who police initially believed the group of burglars were targeting. Investigators would later determine that the home owned by Dr. Dre was the actual target.

They headed towards the house around 10.PM but were unsuccessful in their attempts to break in. The home security team noticed the men casing the property, and when confronted they fled the scene.

The security guards called the police, prompting an immediate investigation. A surveillance operation helped uncover an SUV that the LAPD believed to have been involved, they would begin a short chase with the vehicle before ultimately catching up.

Four men were taken into custody in the Pacific Palisades area. When the vehicle was swept, investigators found a backpack full of tools, saws and crowbars - clear evidence of their plan to break in and rob the home.

Dr. Dre is worth an estimated $800 Million, making him one of the wealthiest rappers in the world. This particular home was purchased after the landmark $3Billion sale of his brand “Beats By Dre'' to Apple in 2014.

Dre, (real name Andre Young), has been in an ongoing legal war with his estranged wife Nicole, prior to his hospitalization. She is seeking nearly $2million in monthly spousal support payments and $5 million for attorney fees from Dre's estimated $1 billion business empire. Due to a court order, he is already paying her nearly $300K per month.

The ugly divorce stems from what was described as “irreconcilable differences”.

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