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Oregon Woman Arrested After Being Stalked & Raped By A Police Officer

One of the most dangerous lines of work is Sex work. It’s historically been difficult for anyone, especially women, who work in this field to be respected and heard. Many times sex workers are exploited and abused by their clients and police. An Oregon woman who works in the line of sex work stated that a Police Officer raped her, but she’s the one that ended up behind bars.

Jay St. James(last name withheld for familys privacy ) is more than “just” a sex worker. As a licensed nurse and political organizer, she has never been shy about her life choices and has been active in her community since 2015. In 2019, she provided training events on filing public record requests and helped craft a community-funded policy platform that is an advocate for voting, housing justice, and more; her and the Police chief Chris Skinner are on a first name basis. As much change as she’s been able to provide for a community that she had recently transplanted to just five years before, on May 24th 2020 St. James states that she was stalked and raped by officer Christopher Drumm.

St. James claims that after the attack, both her and her family were harassed by other members of the Eugene Police Department. There still have not been any charges brought against Drumm, but St. James is facing charges after protesting her assault and the unfair treatment that followed.

“The System doesn’t view me as a victim..They see me as a mess...I was stalked and raped by officer Christopher Drumm, but because of the job I hold I’m the one facing charges”

Meeting Drumm about three days before the alleged rape when he was called to her home responding to a domestic abuse call as a former parter of St. James attacked her with a beer bottle and threatened to burn the house down. St. James stated that she felt like the focus of the investigation and that the officers were hostile to her as the victim. When she was alerted that they would not be filing a report Drumm stated “What am I going to do, write it down? That this guy should be smashing that ass instead of smashing bottles?”

When St. James brought the situation to the attention of Sara Urza, her Civil Liberties Defense Union legal observer when the threats began. Urza stated “Officers harassed Jay after that, they were coming up with what I believe to be trumped-up charges, threatening to take Jays kids away. I personally feel like- and this is my opinion, this was an intimidation tactic.” Urza continued on to say “I’m a mandatory reporter, if I had seen anything that I thought was unsafe with those children, I would have said something. That is my legal obligation and I have seen nothing.” St. James stated that throughout the night, the officers on the scene continuously made comments about her body and poked fun at the age difference between her and the partner; Drumm told her that she “didn’t have to have sex with him”, which was an comment he made repeatedly unprovoked. When the remaining officers left for the night Drumm stayed in her yard with her dog. “He then stalked me for three day and raped me” St. James told VICE News.

The next three days were close to hell for St. James. Drumm continued to show up at her home unannounced, sometimes even answering calls on his radio from her home. On May 24th St. James stated that Drumm returned to her house at night and phone records indicate that Drumm called her at 9:32 pm even though the call went to voicemail. St. James said that once he arrived unexpectedly he insisted on seeing her bedroom. Thinking she was being investigated, she brought him to a guest room where Drumm approached her from behind and allegedly raped her twice. Drumm refers to his lawyer as a response to the allegations against him but can’t seem to remember the lawyer's name. Lawyer, Micheal Staropoli did not respond to comment.

Two hours after the alleged attack, St. James contacted Urza “When the cop Chris came back tonight between calls he kept his gear on him and asked for a blowjob while his service piece was unlatched..going to bed for real..Just hyper processing everything happening”

St. James reported the rape on May 28th and according to the Oregon Department of Lublic Safety and Standards the next day Drumm was place on leave and from a personnel form from the Eugene Police Department, he left the force on June 10th. July 15th, St. James gathered with protestors outside of the Eugene Police Department headquarters as she didn’t know if Drumm was still on the force and wanted some justice and accountability. During the protest officers ended up arresting St. James for felony rioting charges,interfering with a peace officer, and criminal mischief in the second degree. although eyewitnesses dispute the polices’ version of the story.