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Over 100 Migrant Children Have Been Reunited With Their Family Following Trumps' Zero Tolerance Rule

During Donald Trump's presidency there were many families who were separated and kept in the internment camps by the border. Children were kept from their families, there was little food and water and barely enough blankets to keep them warm. After all of this, lawyers have found the parents of 105 migrant children in just this past month.

There have been lawyers working tirelessly to reunite immigrant parents and children that were separated by the Trump administration. The steering committee of pro-bono lawyers and advocates working towards reunification reported data to a federal judge most recently on January 14th and were still looking for the parents of 506 children. Spoken from the lawyers, the parents of about 322 of the 506 children are thought to be deported, making it that much more difficult to find them. These lawyers have no legal requirement to disclose how many of the parents and children have been reunited.

Under the Biden administration there is a new task force that takes on the responsibility of finding and reuniting the families that Trump has separated. Lawyers for the Justice Department said they expect the task force to “resolve many, if not all outstanding issues” related to the lawsuit filed in the Southern District of California, that resulted in the reunification process.

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