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Pennsylvania Supreme Court Seems Open To Bill Cosby’s Appeal

The Pennsylvania Supreme Court is reassessing whether five women should have been allowed to testify against Bill Cosby during his sexual assault trial. The Supreme Court heard arguments in the case early this week and some justices were allegedly “troubled” by the five women who appeared as witnesses and told of their own accusations against the comedian.

The feeling is that the witness's testimony may have unfairly influenced the jury. Bill Cosby was found guilty of sexually assaulting Andrea Constand in 2018. The five women who testified are known as prior bad-act witnesses -- who also accused Cosby of sexual misconduct.

Cosby’s lawyer Jennifer Bonjean argues: “A defendant must be tried for what he did and not who he is, he had no shot. The presumption of innocence just didn’t exist for him at that point.”

In the initial trial, the Montgomery County Judge only allowed one ‘bad-acts’ witness, ultimately resulting in a split jury. During the retrial, he allowed five women to testify.

"You can still get to the point, with evidence that is terribly probative, that it's just too much, and the defendant did not have a fair trial," Justice Max Baer said.

The prosecution argued that the women’s testimony’s show a common pattern of abuse from Cosby - befriend the victim, isolate them, and then give them a drug that would make it impossible to resist this sexual advances. But the justices of Pennsylvania’s Supreme Court are skeptical.

Justice Kevin Dougherty seemed troubled that witnesses could testify about prior bad acts that occurred decades prior.

A decision is not expected for several months.

Cosby has released the following statement: "This morning, people around the world witnessed a beautiful presentation by Attorney Jennifer Bonjean regarding two (2) important issues — Immunity & the misuse of a law called, 404 (b) or PBAs (Prior Bad Acts Witnesses). This was not just an historic day for me, Bill Cosby, but it became a beacon of hope for those countless American Citizens of the Keystone State in Pennsylvania Correctional Facilities, whose constitutional rights might have been grossly abused because they lacked resources and means to fight prosecutorial corruption."

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