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Premiering Today: Netflix’s Buried By The Bernards

Who would have ever thought we would be watching a reality show about a funeral home? A Black-Owned funeral home at that?

Today, Netflix is set to debut its new reality show Buried by the Bernards. This eight-episode series will take viewers through the shenanigans and drama behind the scenes in the Bernard family’s Memphis-based business, R. Bernard Funeral Services.

Based in a former bank, the unique location offers an innovative and safe way to pay one’s respect during the pandemic with drive-by viewings of the deceased in the former teller window. Featuring colorful family members from suave bachelor/lady killer, Ryan (the R behind R. Bernard), to his beautiful daughters Deja and Raegan, the proverbial crazy uncle, Kevin, and family matriarch, Miss Debbie, who can’t help but tell everyone how to do their jobs, there is never a dull moment.

After watching the trailer we know viewers will be laughing throughout the whole series. But they will also be able to see what it's really like to plan a funeral behind the scenes.

Be sure to catch Buried By The Bernards on Netflix TODAY! Take a look at the trailer here: