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Remembering The Greatest of Benjamin Banneker

On November 9, 1731, Benjamin Banneker was born on Banneky farm, located in Maryland.

Benjamin Banneker was known for being a mathematician, astronomer, inventor, and Almanac writer and is primarily regarded as one of the first of many African-American intellectuals.

Banneker was a freeman who was raised on a farm near Baltimore. Banneker later inherited the farm from his father. Banneker was mostly self-taught and enjoyed reading books in his free time, but he did attend a Quaker schoolhouse.

At an early age, Banneker had an aptitude for math, building the first wooden clock to keep time. As a result of his brilliance, Banneker was encouraged by a Quaker to study astrology.

Which eventually led to Banneker being able to predict a solar eclipse that occurred in 1789.

Banneker also played a major part in the designing and planning of Washington D.C.

Banneker worked as a pamphleteer and essayist; Banneker also advocated civil rights and opposed slavery.

He actually wrote a letter to Thomas Jefferson asking for better conditions for African Americans.