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Shots Fired In Florida: Toosii and YK Osiris Show Canceled Because of Gunfire

This past weekend, at a YK Osiris and Toosii concert, gunshots were reported.

The reported gunfire resulted in the show being canceled before it even started. In addition to the chaotic scene, both artists were "maced" during the incident.

An Excelsior Security Agency (ESA), responsible for handling and surveilling Jacksonville's Court Plaza and Fun Zone, where the show took place, said they were alerted of "shots fired" in the area Sunday.

Both the ESA and Jacksonville sheriff arrived on the scene to handle the situation, which ultimately led to the parking lot being shut down by Jacksonville's Fire Marshal's Office at 8:30 p.m. EST, as well as the whole concert shutting down shortly after.

The Fire Marshal claims they canceled the show due to "several violations."

A video has surfaced of both YK Osiris and Toosii jumping on cars and interacting with fans but ended with Toosii and YK Osiris visibly being "maced."

Toosii went on Instagram to address the whole situation.

"Last night at my show in Jacksonville, Florida, I got maced for no reason at all along with several of my fans."

Toosii goes on to explain more about the incident.

"They shut it down because of the capacity, so I went outside, and this is what happened. I love yall . . . I'll be back."

Osiris later responded with an Instagram story with Toosii addressing the whole situation. "Ay look, my dawg, he a big gangsta," says YK Osiris.

"He ain't make the show. And we got pepper-sprayed. And we still up."

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