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Single For Valentines Day? BuzzFeed Has A Quiz That Will Help You Find Your Soulmate

Are you single? No hopes of a Valentine? Instead of taking the time out to get to know someone through one of the dating apps like Hinge or Tinder, BuzzFeed created a quiz using AI technology that will help you find your Soulmate.

This new BuzzFeed quiz is the first of many “stunt-y experiments” that the publisher will be launching this year. Releasing just in time for Valentine's Day weekend, this quiz promises to “create your perfect boyfriend or girlfriend using AI technology. Buzzfeeds’ Director Of Product for Quizzes, Chris Johanesen said the quiz is designed to “poke fun at the situation we’re all in” speaking on as well the “weird world of online dating” The questions are framed similarly to other BuzzFeed but the answers are a lot more unique. Johanesen explained that the BuzzFeed team generated a variety of different profiles using StyleGAN technology. BuzzFeed staff contributed personality traits for the text, text message quotes, hobbies and “dark stuff” that the quiz combines algorithmically.

For the future, Johanesen hopes to create more generative quizzes where a writer may come up with a concept without having to “handwrite every single option” “We could definitely use machine learning models to write a quiz, but it probably wouldn’t be very good,” he said. Instead, the team is interested in “that intersection of what technology can do that humans can’t, and what humans can do that technology can’t.”

Try the quiz out and see who your perfect partner would be!