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Sis You Did What? : Louisiana Woman Arrested After Sending Over 180 Nude Photos Of Men

Revenge Porn against women has been a hot button issue throughout 2020 and beforehand and the number of revenge porn cases have increased due to the amount of lockdowns during this pandemic. During relationships, sexual or not, when nude photos or videos are shared to the public by the party it was originally intended for in order to hurt or embarrassing the individual who sent the photo or video - it’s considered revenge porn. On average, this is something that has occurred against more women than men but Sarah Pharis can be the face of that switching. Pharris was arrested recently for sending over 180 nude photos of men to others.

Pharris was arrested on Thursday in Louisiana after it was discovered that she sent nude photos of a man to multiple people. In December, Pharris was arrested for a similar charge with a different victim where she sent over 150 nude photos and traveled Louisiana to Texas to mail them out.

Pharris currently faces about 180 counts of non-consensual disclosure of private images and was released on a $90,000 bail. The nature of the relationship between Pharris and the victims has not yet been disclosed.