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Social Media Site Bebo Is Back!

Where Social Media is concerned there's always a wave of what’s popular and what’s not. MySpace has come and gone and Facebook took a dive to Twitter with the younger market but was able to come back by buying out Instagram. Now, after their Bankruptcy in 2013, the site Bebo is making a resurgence.

Following their Bankruptcy, Bebo attempted a few short lived relauchings that included Instant Messaging and video streaming until it’s acquisition by Amazon in July of 2019 following a bidding war with Discord. It was officially shut down after the marketplace giant bought it out for $25 million.

The official Bebo page has announced that the Social Media site will be returning in February of 2021 with a fresh look that only invited users are able to get a sneak peek to. Bebo is working as a private beta until the official launch in 2021.

Unfortunately, old accounts and content won’t be able to be resurrected but there are no clues as to what old features will be returning to the “brand new site”. There is no official launch date for the nostalgic new site, other than some time in February.