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Soho Karen's Second DUI Arrest Was Caught On Camera - "Gang Members [are] killing people right now"

Miya Ponsetto has kept herself in headlines for the past few weeks and it’s never been for anything good. After her fiasco of an interview with Gayle King addressing her viral altercation with Keyon Harolds 14 year old son, another video of her acting irrationally in public has resurfaced. During her second DUI arrest in the past four months, she was charged with DUI, resisting arrest and obstructing/delaying a peace officer or EMT.

According to witnesses, the drama began when Miya and her mother Nicole were arguing loudly at the side of a road. The same witness approached the duo to see if they needed any help but Miya got back into the vehicle and demanded her mother to do the same then they recklessly drove off. The witness called the cops and after tailing them for a few blocks they all pulled into a gas station and the fireworks began.

Once the cops arrived on the scene and attempted to detain Miya, her fit began. Screaming while demanding to see a warrant, insulting the officers and squirming around to avoid cuffs. When the cops breathalyzed her, her BAC was twice the legal limit.

Ponsetto now has open cases in California and New York, truly adding a few stamps on her record. It’s clear that once she's intoxicated she becomes violent and loses her common sense. Here’s to hoping she can get herself together for the remainder of the year.

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