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Soulja Boy Accused of Raping & Abusing Former Personal Assistant

Soulja Boy is no stranger to public scrutiny after his time on Love & Hip Hop and Marriage Boot Camp. On both of these shows he has shown the level of disrespect and abuse he brings to the women in his life, outside of his talent and work ethic. On both of those reality TV shows, the abuse he has given has been exclusively to romantic relationships. Recently, a woman who formerly worked as Soulja Boy's personal assistant has accused the rapper and business man of multiple instances of sexual assault in a lawsuit filed in LA on Thursday.

The former assistant has filed as “Jane Doe '' claims Soulja held her hostage and subjected her to a hostile work environment in addition to failing to pay the wages she earned.

Does’ employment with Soulja began in December of 2018 and her job duties included: cleaning, cooking, chauffeuring, hair stylist in addition to personal assistant tasks. Doe was supposed to be compensated $500 a week for her services which often required her attention 20 hours a day 7 days a week, she stated in the suit.

After being employed with Soulja for less than a month Doe claims that he began sending unsolicited photos of his penis. While a short consensual relationship was born, it became violent just as quickly as it began. By January 2019 Doe claims Soulja became very jealous and enraged; he’s kicked, body slammed, and punched her repeatedly in the head on 10 separate occasions.

According to the suit, in February of that year Soulja sexually assaulted her for the first time. Following that assault she stated that he expressed remorse and offered her $1000. "on numerous occasions, and sometimes twice in the same day, [he] would inappropriately touch [her] body, forcefully pull her pants off, and rape her." according to the suit. When Doe attempted to leave, she states that Soulja locked her in her room without hot water for 3 days until she was pressured into staying.

Soulja Boy has not commented.