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Soulja Boy Releasing Another Game Console

Back in 2018, Soulja Boy began selling his own “SouljaGame” consoles in what he thought was going to be a revolutionary venture. However, the plan was a bust when everyone realized that he was just selling old video game parts that ran on an emulator, hiking up the price on something that was worth less than he made it out to be.

He boasted that his “SouljaGame” console had the capabilities of playing layStation, NeoGeo, PC, Sega, Game Boy Advance, and NES games, as well as his origibal “SouljaGames.” Fans would be able to choose from roughly 800 games that would come pre installed into the console.Soulja Boy was planning a major rollout for these products, similar to what Microsoft and Sony. In addition to his console, he was pushing a handheld version that would run Switch, 3DS, Vita, NeoGeo, Game Boy Color and Advance games, and it will have 3,000 games built into the system.

The gaming community took notice that these selling points could become a potential legal problem for the “Crank That” rapper. At the time, Nintendo had been cracking down on illegal reissues of their games through “Roms” citing “brazen and mass-scale infringement of Nintendo’s intellectual property rights.” Essentially, Nintendo was more than likely going to tap Soulja Boy on his shoulder, his high profile status already made him a target.

Inevitably, one month after launching these “SouljaGame” consoles he discontinued the product altogether. According to his Twitter, he had no choice but to “Boss, up” - after fans began to drag him all over the internet for selling a cheap emulator. Either that, or he just knew he wouldn't be able to evade the legal troubles from Nintendo that loomed in the shadows.

On February 20th, Soulja Boy tweeted "coming soon @SouljaGame." His website claims that he’s completely reworking the console, supposedly "building a new console from scratch, all new design. All new games. All new deals. Let's make history."

Once again, the gaming community is on to Soulja Boy’s antics. Based on the initial photos that he is promoting on his Instagram, gamers were instantly able to see that not only does the console resemble an Xbox One, the controller used is similar to PS2's DualShock 2.

This time around Soulja Boy not only has some heavy competition, but he also is met with the responsibility of repairing his relationship with the gaming community. His “new” console is going to have to win over fans that were around for his first failed attempt at a console, as well as try to outsell the latest PS5 console that just hit the market.