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Spring Breakers Partied a little too hard in Miami: New Curfew In Place

American citizens are about tired of COVID-19. With restrictions being lightened across the nation, many people believe that we’ve passed the brunt of the COVID-19 pandemic, especially the younger people. With all education being online or some hybrid mix of in person classes and online, some students took their “spring break” in Miami, as usual. Due to the influx of young people roaming the streets of the city and in restaurants, Miami officials imposed an emergency curfew from 8pm-6am in Miami Beach.

The curfew was placed in effect because the partying crowds trashed restaurants, began fighting in the streets, and gathered by the thousands ignoring the mask mandate and social distancing rules. During a conference, officials placed the blame on the high volume spring break crowds for the curfew, that was put in place just yesterday night in South Beach, one of the nations top party spots.

There is no approximate end date for the curfew, but the interim city manager, Raul Aguila, told the Miami Herald that his recommendation is to keep the rules in place until April 12 at the earliest. A countywide midnight curfew was already in place during during the height of the COVID-19 pandemic. No pedestrians or vehicles are allowed to enter the restricted area of Miami Beach after 8pm and all businesses in the area must close. The curfew was put in place around the same time that the Clevelander South Beach, a popular bar, announced it was temporarily suspending all food and drink operations until March 24th following the crowds that crammed Ocean Drive broke out into fights on the street.

Local officials and businesses have been struggling with the balance between having tourists support their business in order to help boost the economy and keeping the COVID-19 pandemic in mind as well as everyone's safety. With tourism being the number one industry in Florida, this curfew could end up hurting just as much as it’s helped.

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