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Taco Bell Hit-And-Run Leaves 3 Injured

There has been a lot of craziness going on across the country lately; it seems as though a lot of people were going stir crazy being in the house with so many restrictions and as restrictions are lifted the ridiculousness of people's actions are rising. There was a fight between customers and employees at a Taco Bell drive thru in Maryland that resulted in a car pushing through a group of people before it crashed into the front door of the building.

The Maryland police are looking for the suspects involved in the hit and run that occurred shortly after 10pm on Wednesday. There is video that shows the suspects car pulled by a small crowd that was gathered in front of the restaurant as they reversed the vehicle before slamming the gas forward into a portion of the group gathered before smashing into the entrance.

The Charles County law enforcement stated that the vehicle occupants were arguing with an employee working the drive-thru before the incident occurred. Cops were told that one of the suspects exited the vehicle and assaulted the employee at the window before returning to the car. The driver then pulled to the front, which is where the video evidence begins. According to police, there were 2 individuals with injuries that were treated at the scene and one hospitalized for non life threatening injuries.

Although the police were able to locate the car briefly following the incident at a home nearby, there hasn’t been a positive ID on the drive quite yet.

The number of occupants in the car is still unknown but it can be confirmed that there were at least 2 females involved with a possibly female driver.

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