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Tay Keith Brings The Sizzle To McDonalds

Tay Keith, chef these nuggets up -- or something like that.

McDonald’s has tapped some of the biggest names in music to help push their products. Their latest collaboration is with multi-platinum super producer Tay Keith, known for his work with Drake, Travis Scott and a “who's who” of rap heavyweights.

It began with Travis Scott’s alleged $20 Million deal last September, the company's first celebrity meals since Michael Jordan in 1992. The promotion was such a sales success that McDonalds was experiencing shortages in their quarter pounder ingredients.

Then, J. Balvin was announced to have a similar collection to Travis Scott’s. The J Balvin meal consisted of a Big Mac sandwich, fries with ketchup, and an Oreo McFlurry. A week after the launch of Balvin’s meal, the merchandise was announced. The collection was supposed to be loaded with hats, accessories and slippers and was available for pre order However, the merchandise was canceled due to production challenges. Following the cancellation of the merchandise, fans were refunded their money.

Unlike the previous artists that teamed up with McDonald’s, this is not an artist exclusive meal. Tay Keith’s collaboration with McDonald’s is to help drive sales for their new Crispy Chicken sandwich.

He will be releasing a song to accompany the release of the sandwich, which will be available on 7’ vinyl in their exclusive capsule.

The Tay Keith capsule will be sold at $5 and include more bang that your buck should actually get you. Not only are you getting the aforementioned vinyl record, but also “Crispy Juicy Tender” hoodies, with a waveform design of Keith’s original track on one sleeve.

Those excited can expect the Tay Keith promotion to begin February 23rd .

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