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That's My Dawg: Lil Baby Helps His Friend Kickstart a Dog Breeding Business

Lil Baby has recently helped his friend launch a dog breeding business, and Baby's "My Dawg" single could ironically be the business's theme song.

The business "4PF Kennel" is a joint venture, which means, of course, part of the company is own by Lil baby himself; as well as his friend who is a fellow 4 Pockets Full (4PF) member, which is a play on Lil Baby's self-proclaimed record label.

The business owner, 4PF Don Juan Army, shared a post on the company's Instagram, @4pf_kennel_, detailing how Baby helped him make his dream a reality.

4PF Don went on to say, "I remember when we first came up with the idea of this kennel. It was about a year ago. We talked for hours about how you (Lil Baby) wanted to be in the dog business since you were locked up.

The caption continued with the "My Dawg" rapper's friend, saying how Lil Baby always showed him loyalty and encouraged him to carry out his dreams for the kennel.

"You looked in my eyes and said, "stay focused; it's easy to fall back in these streets.' I took that advice and stayed down." It felt so good to hear you say, "I'm proud of you," and went to say how "this is only the beginning and we're winning'; We motivate each other like real brothers."

4PF Don went on to make another Instagram post acknowledging Lil Baby as the CEO and thanking him again for helping the business once again.

"Merry Christmas to my family @lilbaby_1, always with me my CEO a real one fasho."

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