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The Face Of White Privilege is Teasing Her Return To YouTube After Her Mothers Release

Lori Laughlin and her family haven’t gotten this much attention since she was on Full House. The recent college admissions scandal had Lori and her daughter Olivia Jade on the front page of all major outlets. Olivia was an avid YouTuber before the scandal and had to take a step back for obvious reasons. Since her mothers’ recent release, Olivia has been teasing her return to the Youtube platform.

Amidst the recent release of her mother after her 2 month sentence, Olivia is trying to reintegrate herself on social media. Preparing her audience for her comeback, she’s been increasingly active on TikTok and Instagram following her appearance on Red Table Talk. During the episode, Olivia addressed the scandal stating how the uproar confused her at first then realized that she had become the face of white privilege.

After sharing a compilation of selfies on TikTok captioned “Like this if I should bring back my #vlogz” there was at least one person who replied yes and that was all the confirmation Olivia Jade needed. Responding to the comment in a video she stated “Okay I will….I guess I will come back to Youtube”

As grateful as she appeared to be for the support, is it in good taste for this family to just jump back into “business as usual” after such a scandal, especially as her father, Mossimo Giannulli, is still serving the last of his 5 month sentence?

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