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The Man Who Destroyed Nancy Pelosi’s Office Has Been Arrested

It took less than 24 hours for social media to identify the man who went viral amid the chaos surrounding the attack on Capitol Hill. Richard Barnett, 60, of Gravette, Arkansas made headlines for destroying House Speaker Nancy Pelosi’s office and stealing a piece of mail with her letterhead on it. The photos of him kicking his feet up on Pelosi’s desk were symbolic of the terror that was inflicted at our U.S. Capitol, when a mob of Trump supporters broke into the building on Wednesday.

Barnett was taken into custody in Arkansas on Friday, and now faces federal charges of entering and remaining on restricted grounds, violent entry and theft of public property.

Barnett who goes by the nickname “Bigo” posted messages on social media prior to Wednesday’s attacks, criticizing Pelosi for her use of the term “white nationalist.”

He said: I am white. There is no denying that. I am a nationalist. I put my nation first. So that makes me a white nationalist,” Barnett wrote on a page he maintained under a pseudonym, before adding that people who were not nationalists should “get the f--- out of our nation.”

Barnett’s social media indicates that he is pro Trump, pro gun, and pro police. Barnett also complained about the small turnout for a protest he led in Little Rock about the election results. He has organized fundraising events for the police department in his area. Perhaps the most disturbing information to come from Barnett’s social media, was a post informing people that he was prepared for a violent death.

Barnett was not phased by potentially being arrested as he did several interviews with local media, explaining why he had a piece of Pelosi’s mail. He claims he took the envelope because he had bled on it. “I put a quarter on the desk because I’m not a thief,” he told 5News.

More charges have come down the line, a Republican state lawmaker from West Virginia Del. Derrick Evans was charged after he live-streamed and then deleted a footage of himself storming the U.S. Capitol. There was a petition that received nearly 32,000 signatures, demanding a resignation from Evans following his behavior.

The Department of Justice on Friday announced that 13 people are facing federal charges in connection to the riot.

The FBI is requesting the public's help in identifying other suspects involved in the Capitol attacks, investigators are scouring surveillance and social media posts. Unfortunately, many of the large group of rioters were able to leave the scene without being arrested - thus making it harder to track them down.

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