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The Source Awards Will Be Back In 2022

With the connection to nostalgia only growing stronger it’s good to see some of our favorites in the media coming back. The Source magazine has just announced that one of the most popular award shows of it’s time, The Source Awards will be making a comeback in 2022.

The Source still stands as one of the most iconic Hip-Hop publications of all time during it’s skyrocket in the 90s. The annual award show held a strong importance to the culture during a time where Hip-Hop wasn’t receiving the recognition it deserved from prestigious institutions. The award show ran from 1994-2004 and during that decade provided a few of the most iconic and controversial moments. The Source Awards will be making a large comeback after a 17 year long hiatus. Prince's longtime manager L. Londell McMillian, revealed that he’ll be helping bring it back by popular demand, “After every awards show, our social media at The Source explodes”. In additionally, McMillian plans on launching a streaming channel that they’re describing as “the Netflix of hip-hop”

For the first time The Source is finally Black owned for the first time. McMillian has been quietly gearing up to have a proper launch during the digital era as he’s bringing it back from financial disrepair.

Stay tuned to keep up with more news regarding the return of the Source awards!

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