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Theme Parks and Stadiums In California are Eligible to Reopen on April 1st

It seems like there’s new updates on the pandemic daily, as there should. As we close into a year since the nationwide shutdown occurred citizens have been getting restless and itching to return back to their normal lives. With schools and offices fixing to reopen, California theme parks and sport stadiums will be allowed to have visitors as early as April 1st under new guidance.

These changes don’t necessarily mean that everything is going back to normal for these venues, it does show the effort that the state is putting in to help residents resume some activities as their cases are on the decline and the COVID-19 vaccine rollout continues to escalate. “With the increased distribution of the vaccine, with the behavior of Californians who have taken this pandemic seriously, who have adapted their behavior accordingly … we feel like this is a good time to begin to provide additional visibility into how we can move forward opening parts of the economy,” Dee Dee Myers, senior advisor to Gov. Gavin Newsom and director of the governor’s Office of Business and Economic Development, told reporters in a briefing Friday. “This gives some of the bigger employers a chance to ramp up, get ready for April 1, should they be in an appropriate tier, and to begin to move forward based on the data and the science.”

In four weeks, amusement parks will be eligible to reopen with restrictions, in counties that are in the red tier, the second strictest of CA’s four category reopening map. Capacity will be limited to 15% for parks in counties that are in the red tied; the cap rises to 25% once a county progresses to orange and 35% when they reach the yellow tier, which is the most lenient one.

Officials said attendance will be limited to instate visitors only in addition to no indoor dining and limit on indoor rides although the details are still being worked out.

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