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Thieves Steal Thousands of Dollars Worth of Donated Toys For Children In Need

The San Francisco Firefighters Toy Program is one of the largest and oldest programs of its kind, the program has been in operation since 1949. They distribute about 200,000 toys to an estimated 40,000 disadvantaged children each year. This year however, thieves have set out to ruin the Christmas spirit - after thousands of dollars worth of donated toys appear to have gone missing.

Sally Casazza of the San Francisco Firefighters Toy Program arrived at a shipping container where hundreds of children’s bikes had been stored and intended to be distributed as Christmas gifts. Upon arrival, Casazza noticed that most of the bikes had disappeared.

Casazza told the media that the thieves had cut the locks at the shipping container and proceeded to help themselves to the donations. Among the toys taken were 200 electric fire trucks and police car bikes, along with some non-electric ones, worth an estimated $100 each.

Six months prior to this incident, San Francisco Police Sgt. Rich Jones who heads a non-profit of his own, had his storage unit full of children’s toys robbed.

“Really dude? It's for the kids. It's Christmas. Bring them back!" said Sgt. Jones.

A suspect was eventually caught, however none of the toys were recovered.

Casazza says that the San Francisco Firefighters Toy Program is combing through surveillance footage in hopes of catching this grinch, who stole thousands of dollars worth of toys that would’ve made children across California happy on Christmas morning.

Casazza made one last plea - she just wants the toys back.

"If whoever did this is watching and if they want to return all those trikes to us, no questions will be asked."

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