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Things Got A Little Bloody W/ The Little Women Of ATL

The Little Women of Atlanta always have some drama going on, but that’s what keeps the ratings up! Prior to the latest COVID lockdown, the cast of Little Women: Atlanta got into one last tussle that left one of the

most popular cast members slightly mangled and needing medical assistance.

It’s been almost a year since the initial brawl that occurred in February of last year at Nouveau Bar & Grille. The altercation had Amanda and Andrea against Abira; a two against one special. Ms. Juicy did her best to play peacemaker but her attempt was for naught. Like many of their previous fights, the reason for the physical violence is unclear. There was spit and glasses flying, once of which ended up connecting with Ms. Juicy leaving a gash on her forehead that needed medical attention. Following a CAT Scan and stitches Ms. Juicy turned out to be alright. True fans of the reality series know that the beef between Abria and the twins is a long standing one, but nobody expected Ms. Juicy to be caught in the physical crossfire in that way.

Viewers will get more details about the altercation, how the cast dealt with Minnies' unfortunate death and more on the 6th season of Little Women: Atlanta, which will be airing today, Friday January 29th, on Lifetime.