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Two Teen Girls Charged With Murder After Carjacking Gone Wrong

It’s a scary time to be a rideshare driver, even for Uber Eats. Unfortunately Mohammad Anwar passed away after being stun gunned by two teenage girls who drove off with him still clinging to the car.

There is an about one minute long video that begins with Anwar attempting to get one of the girls, aged 15 and 13, from behind the wheel while the other one can be seen in the passenger seat. Anwar screams out “they’re thieves!” as he leaned into the car struggling with the teen in the passenger seat; “This is my car!” A few seconds later, the driver's side door is left open and Anwar is half in and half out of the vehicle. The car speeds off. The car hits a metal barrier and light pole causing the driver's side door to slam violently into Anwar's body. Following the collision the car raced down the block and out of sight before another crash occurred and the person recording ran to the wreck. As the video continues, both girls jumped from the car with help from National Guard troops in the area while Anwar was face down on a nearby sidewalk struggling to move.


There seems to be no reason why Anwar was targeted who was just completing a regular ride with the two girls when the struggle began. The two teens are being charged with felony murder and armed carjacking and are being held until their next court date on March 31st.

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