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U.S. Hospitals suffering severe shortages as Covid Cases Surge

Hospitals across the U.S. report a shortage in almost everything from rations to staff as Covid cases continue to rise.

As Covid cases have been surging over the past few weeks, ICU beds are being taken up rapidly. Hospitals are reporting that they are running short on all essential equipment and staff. Facilities in Montana, Alaska, Ohio, Wisconsin, and Kentucky have hospitalizations rise by about 26%.

In Alaska, the State's largest hospital sent out a letter stating how they can no longer provide proper care due to the influx in Covid-19 cases.

"If you or your loved one need special care at Providence, such as a cardiologist, trauma surgeon, or a neurosurgeon, we sadly may not have room now, […] There are no more staffed beds left." The letter read.

Some Hospitals, which are now experiencing their fourth wave in the last 18 months, have reported many staff is overwhelmed by the number of cases, with staff reportedly leaving for other jobs in retail or the private sector.

The most severely hit states are in the south and midwestern parts of the country. With states now seen record highs of Covid hospitalizations.

“Despite our hospital being ground zero in Kentucky for the onset of the pandemic 18 months ago, this week we are being hit with a COVID surge like never before since the onset of the pandemic,” said Dr. Stephen Toadvine, chief executive officer at Harrison Memorial Hospital, in a statement posted on the Kentucky state website, also stating that the number of people seeking treatment for Covid-19 is at an all-time high in the state.

The governor has already reported that the state will soon run out of monoclonal antibodies, an essential treatment in the treatment of Covid cases. The U.S. government has also reported a national shortage of the drug. While hospitals in Oklahoma reported to the CDC that staffing shortages exist throughout the state, with some hospitals reporting around 35% staff shortage.

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