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Uh-Oh .. Back Again … Malachi Love-Robinson Arrested For Fraud Again

It’s a new year, but we’re already off to the same mess - And we’ve got some familiar faces to make matters even worse.

Remember that teenager from Florida that was arrested for pretending to be a 25-year old doctor, who primarily targeted elderly people? It was a viral moment that set the internet ablaze and made national headlines back in 2016.

He called himself “Doctor Love” and boasted about having a PhD which he never provided any documentation for. He was running a medical practice out of his very own office “The New Birth New Life Medical Center”. Malachi Love-Robinson was caught when The Palm Beach County Sheriff's narcotics unit teamed up with the Florida Department of Health, and sent an undercover officer to see him disguised as a patient dealing with lethargy, sneezing and a sore throat. Robinson told the officer that she was suffering from allergies and recommended she take an over-the-counter medication. During his stint as a fake doctor, Robinson was able to scam $35,000 out of an elderly patient.

After serving nearly three years in the slammer at a max-security prison, Malachi Love Robinson is back and up to no good once again.

Stepping away from his old job as a con doctor, Robinson turned a new chapter and got a job as a carrier at United States of Freight, a shipping company based in Delray Beach. The company serves as a broker, connecting shippers to transport companies for a fee'. He’s being accused of rerouting payments for the company to his personal account instead. Love-Robinson was allegedly able to cake off with $10,000 worth of company money.


The 23-year old was arrested for fraud and grand theft on Thursday morning. He was quickly released on bond pending an upcoming appearance in court.

Police were provided screenshots of text messages from Love-Robinson by the owner of the company. The text messages show Robinson trying to smooth over matters with the boss, and pleading that he was "doing everything he can to make it right." In one of the text messages, he cried "I don't want to go to jail."

Move over Ric Flair, this guy is truly the dirtiest player in the game.

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