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Vanessa Bryant Files Complaint To Publicly Name The Deputies Accused Of Sharing Crash Site Photos

It’s been over a year since the unfortunate passing of one the most legendary basketball players of this generation, Kobe Bryant. Naturally the public is still grieving, and so is his family. Such a high profile death is hard for anyone to deal with, but the circumstances surrounding the death of Kobe, Gianna, and the remaining victims from the crash make dealing with losses that much harder. When dealing with grief, everyone deserves a level of privacy and that was not afforded to the Bryant family following the loss of their husband, father, daughter, and sister. As many have already seen, there were photos and video taken at the crash site that ended up being publicized. Vanessa Bryant wants to publicly name the four LA County sheriff's office deputies who have allegedly released those photos.

The lawyers that are backing the county are pushing to keep the deputies' names under seal, stating that releasing their identities would make it that much easier for the public to find their address and other personal information that would make them a target. Vanessa Bryant's lawyers are holding strong and filed an amended complaint in federal court this week that added the four deputies and the LA County Fire Department to her civil rights lawsuit against the county and the Sheriffs Department.

The civil suit is centered around the damages for negligence and invasion of privacy, alleging that deputies and firefighters took and shared photos of the victims of the crash including the children, parents, and coaches. Bryant has been very public about her feelings towards the individuals that released the photos on her social media.

The suit details that the photos became exposed after a deputy was attempting to impress a woman at a bar by showing them when the bartender overheard the conversation and notified the department.

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