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What A "Goode" Job: Who Wants To Get Paid To Drink Wine?

Who wouldn’t love to be paid to do the little things that make you happy? Such as eat food, watch Netflix, or even have a glass of wine? Well a job with this California winery will have you do just that. A Sonoma based winery is looking for one lucky person that would earn $10,000 a month, while living “rent-free” with the ability to make their own hours. Sounds too good to be true huh?

Murphy-Goode, which sits under the Jackson Family Wine umbrella, will give this lucky individual the chance to work with master winemaker Dave Ready Jr. This job opening has some very strict qualifications; you can only apply if you can pronounce the word Cabernet, are at least 21 years of age, and are legally authorized to work in the United States.

With the application on their site titled “A Really Goode Job” they leave it all up to the applicants to describe what that means to them in a video. Imagine being asked “What you do for a living” and being able to honestly say, taste and assist with making wines while receiving housing!

The job is only temporary and runs from this August through July 2022. In the video application, applicants are expected to to explain why they are the most qualified person for the job as they will be evaluated on “role value, creativity, and design, applicable experience and skill set” Once hired, the lucky applicant will spend their first 90 days on the job shadowing Ready Jr. and will then continue the rest of their year working in various areas of the business depending on their interests. Including but not limited to, developing working relationships across functions of the winery and effectively promoting Murphy-Goode wines through various channels and events.

“Our job is to help guide their path in the wine business, support their passions and provide a platform to achieve their dream job,” Rick Tigner, CEO of Jackson Family Wines, said of the opportunity. “The job could include anything from winemaking to viticulture, hospitality, culinary, digital marketing, and beyond. The sky’s the limit!”

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