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Woman Gives Birth While intubated with COVID-19 in ICU

We've heard some incredible stories regarding women giving birth and having to push through some severe obstacles. But none quite like Monique Jones of Ferguson Missouri.

Jones was admitted to the ICU on Sept. 4, after not feeling well and struggling to breathe. At this time, Jones was 26-weeks pregnant expecting her second child. Jones says that as her condition worsened, things began to look more scary. Doctors approached her about signing a consent form, allowing them to deliver her baby in the case of an emergency.

Jones had to make one of the most difficult decisions, in choosing life or death for both her and her unborn child. Jones told the media “If I had to lose my life to save another, that's what I would do.”

Jones was intubated and had to have assistance breathing through ECMO, a process that replaces the function of a person's lungs. Jones had also been diagnosed with preeclampsia,a dangerous pregnancy complication related to the blood pressure.

Jones says that her blood pressure was the reason that the doctors decided to go forward with delivering the baby early. She credits this decision with having saved her life. "Basically my daughter saved my life," she said. "They had to take her out to help my condition."

On September 22, Jones’s daughter Zamyrah was born. She is still in the NICU and making great progress according to her mother.

After the birth of her baby, Jones saw her condition improve. Recovery was still an uphill battle, having to stay in the hospital for five-weeks. She was medically paralyzed and had to undergo therapy to learn how to walk again.

Jones is better and wants everyone to understand the severe consequences COVID-19 can have on your body and how incredibly risky the virus is for pregnant women. Jones told the media: “I felt like I wasn't going to have my baby, I felt like she wasn't going to be alive. So I want people to take COVID-19 seriously and I also want to spread positivity that you can beat this, but you have to fight hard. That's what I did."

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