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You Know You're Wrong: Surgeons Play "Price Is Right" In Operating Room

Avid Greys Anatomy watchers know how long and tedious surgeries can be, and there are a few tactics that real life doctors use in order to pass the time and stay awake during those 16-17 hours surgeries. Some of those tactics include listening to music, taking a small dance break, or just plain old gossiping with their co-workers. Well some surgeons at a Michigan hospital have gotten themselves into a considerable amount of trouble after their tactic, playing the popular game The Price Is Right, in the middle of operations.

After photos were released and treated as evidence it was clear that The Price is Right is not the only game that these surgeons played. One photo showed a doctor pictured with a removed cancerous organ and the caption read “The other game we play in the OR is guess that weight. As always, “Price is Right rules apply so if you go over you’re out!” In another post, a doctor is holding a fibrous tissue with the unconscious patient visible in the background captioned “Longest one wins!” These photos were posted on an Instagram account that is said to be ran by almost 3 dozen obstetrics and gynecology residents in training; the photos have since been deleted.

Between this incident occurring at Spectrum Health and the recent actions of the doctor in Sacramento who attempted to fight a traffic ticket on Zoom in the middle of an operation it’s clear that medical professionals are respecting their patients less and less. To have photos of patients who have trusted you with their lives be disrespected at their most physically vulnerable state.

The board for Spectrum Health stated “We were disappointed to learn that surgical images were posted on an Instagram account used by a group of residents and are taking steps to resolve the issue.

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