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Young Dell Debuts New Project "Bigger than the Block"

New York City is one of hip-hop’s most authentic cities when we are talking about talent. Harlem is known to the outside world as the flashy, cocky, and most fashionable city, and it's been that way for decades. Luckily, the renaissance city can still rhyme a poetic lyric while also snatch your soul from the rough sounds of the rap lyrics.

Young Dell is Harlem’s new Hip-Hop sensation, and his small dreams have become “Bigger than the Block.”

Authenticity is key when it comes to word play, and lyricism. Young Dell’s voice captures the story telling in his new project “Bigger than the Block.” The history of Harlem, NY runs deep, and Dell breaks down the history through each song.

Uptown is notorious for having the major players on each avenue of the city, which isn’t unusual for the money makers in Harlem.

Click here to stream Young Dell latest project “Bigger than the Block.”