Is Jay Prob the new Triple threat in the Hip Hop Game?

Bronx native, rapper and photographer Jay Prob is looking to set the world on fire. The self-proclaimed, “Photorapper” is making waves on social media with his Photography work, but he is looking to accomplish much more with his music.

Jay Prob has emassed 21.1k Followers on Instagram. Besides being a rapper and photograp

her, he also host an open mic night at the Nuyorican Cafe in lower Manhattan, where he draws a big crowd every Saturday night. With his fun edgy attitude he’s the crowd's favorite. He loves giving upcoming musicians a platform to showcase their talents. Much like his idol, childish gambino, Jay could also be considered a triple threat in the music industry. He has excelled in arts as well as the music scene. With titles such as a cinematographer, photographer, on air talent, and rapper he has no choice but to dominate the industry.

It was a pleasure interviewing the upcoming rapper, as he discusses, his recent hit “Like LL” he reached over 1,000 streams in the first week. Here are additional questions we asked:

UN: So just a little about yourself J.P: I'm from the Bronx, born in the 90s just blocks from the birthplace of hip hop, Im a rapper, photographer. U.N: You coined the phrase, photorapper can tell me a little about that? J.P: It's just something that I came up with. I've always had a love for music. But in becoming a photographer people ended up knowing me more for that. It was kind of a reminder to myself and others that I still can do this. I'd go to shows and be taking pictures of all of these rappers perform. Knowing that I should be up there.

UN: What inspired you to rap exactly?

J.P: feel like I've always been a closet rapper from young. Like at least 9 years old, probably before.

UN: So your current song, LL is really good by the way, is he like one of your favorites?

J.P: LL is a great. I get compared to him a lot based off of appearance. So I figured I'd play with that theme and create something using some LL references.

New hit single streaming now on all music platforms

"Like LL"



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