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Where my dogs at?

DMX is one of the biggest legends in hip-hop history. He has inspired so many in the music game by simply being unapologetic. It breaks our heart to hear about his health condition. We are sending his family prayers during this tough time. Click the link down below to hear our Deemix provided by DeeWolff.


Shmurda & Son's 

If you're from New York than you know how big Bobby Shmurda's release was going to be big. Now that Shmurda is home our girl DeeMixes provided us with some of the most popular drill mix. 


Self Care Playlist 

Wine down to our self car playlist, while you light your favorite candle and prepare for the next day ahead. 


2020 WRAP UP Playlist

Our 2020 music countdown is here, and all we have to say is THANK GOD for music. 2020 year has brought Urban News love, laughter, pain, and heartbreak. If it wasn’t for these hard working artist pushing out music who knows how sane we would be. 


The Goddess Emcees: Herstory 

Women in the hip-hop industry have pushed boundaries  that other genres have not touched. Without their raw uncut attitude rap music probably would only have one voice... and that seems pretty boring,  Click the photo down below to here another playlist by our girl DeeMixes.


Cuffing Season 

Cuffing season can get lonely for our single people, but let's be clear some of us choose to be single. Check out playlist hand picked and crafted by DeeMixes. 

Graphics Made by: DeeMixes


Quaranfling Music

You and your cuddle buddy need to spice things up? Turn our playlist on to keep the heat above 90 degrees all night long.

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